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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  October 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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house committee investigating the attack on benghazi. plus... police say a man confessed to an apparent road rage shooting, which killed a four-year-old girl. and one dad is going the distancee to spread some halllween magic -- making sure kids who need costumes... have them. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel is hre now with your storm track seven forecast. good morning and happy thursday. we are starting the day off with mostly cloudy skies. there are even a
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sprinkles showing up on storm track 7 live doppler radar, however, a lot of this is not reaching the ground as we do have some dry air overhead after the front moved through and high pressure is building in behind it. a regional view hows activity out are the current temperatures across the area. we are the storm track 7 live weather temperatures start out cool, but we warm up into the lower to today. she's giving a highly-anticipated testimony about the 20-12 deadly
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attack on americans in benghazi.... and what she says today could have a big impact on how she does in kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us live with more information on whwht she will beepeaking about.. it's been 17 months in the making.... clinton's testimony today is in front of a select committee and it's part of an ongoing investigation... a big issue that will be brought up today i i security. clinton was the secretary of state when there were attacks that killed four americans at the u-s consultate in benghazi. just weeks before the attacks.... there were requests for additional security in bengngazi...but clinton says she was unaware of those requests. "we have learned through e- mails and through documents that questions for the secretary about what she did with respect to the security requests." questions are starting to come up about what the aim of the committee's investigataton on benghazzis.
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partisan attack on clinton. but... others are saying this is a chance to finally find out why four americans died in benghazi....and why they were there in the first place if it was so risky. u-s ambassadad to libya chris stevens and three others were killed in the attack. we've got you covered... amanda gilbert... kwwl news. there werrabout eight ththusand pages of emaiifrom ambassador chris stevens asking for more security before he died. but clinton's team says those requests never made it to her desk. a four-year-old girl is dead and police arrest a m mn overnight happened. in the back of this red pick-up truck, on interstate-40 near albuquerque new mexico killed. police had very little to go on, until they got a tip on wednesday. "we receiid an anonymoos all from a pprson who reported albuquerque detectives questioned 32-year-old tony torrez. they say torrez eventually admitted to firing the shotthat killed the little girl. "he is currently in custody. he has been bboked into mdc (metro detention center), and
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he is being held on $650,000 bond." lilly's father had just picked her and her seven-year-old brother from school. they were in the back seat of the truck; their mother was not in the car. police say on a two-mile stretch of the interstate, two vehicles each cut each other off. not long ter, one of the drivers pulled up to the pick-up truck and fired a gun several times. at least one of the bullets entered through the back nurses in traffic stopped to help. medicssushed the girl to the hospital -- where she was pronounced dead. torrez faces multiple felony charges, including murder, tampering with evidence, and assault with intent to commit a violent felony. i'm andrew spencer, reportii albuquerque's mayor has called it a "senseless" murder. mexico's goveenment announccd
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the capture of six people believed to be responsible for the prison break by "el chapo". it happened back in july. an attorney said the alleged mastermind is a member of the suspect's legal teem who had access to the prison near mexico city. about 23 prison officials and employees have also been arrested, some face criminal charges. students in oregon hhor those killed during campus shooting earlier this month. they held a memorial at a park. to support each other. "the students especially needed some closure and the staff as well, but t he students needed o be able to do this themselves and bring closure to their feelings." the night ended with friends and family of the nine victims sharing stories about their loved ones. an elddly woman esccpes her kidnapper, after being car jacked. this happened in rochester, new york police say a man tried to rob a realtor's office. as he fled, he ran into the
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hehe still inside. he crashed the car near a river, got out, and ran away. as the woman tried to get out of her car, she fell into the river... owner of the car and throw them to take a victim with you and to kidnap them like that, that's pretty unususu. " the woman was pulled out of the water and taken to a nearby hospital. she's expectctd to be okay.. police have not found the suspect. the justice department and homeland security explain how they track our cell phones. they use "stingray" machines. it acts llke a cell phone tower and tricks your phone into connecting with it. police officers nationwide have been using them for years. as deparent leaders testified they said the devices are programmed to track cell phone locations... but they cllim they do not gather calls or messages. the vatican is strongly denying an italian newspaper report that pope francis has a brain tumor. the newspaper reported yesterday the pope went to an italian
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clinic several onths ago, where testt revealed a small, curable tumor. the paper cited an anonymous nurse at the clinic for its story. a vatican spokesman says the report is "entirely unfounded" and "iresponsible". in a kwwl l ollow-up... ww're getting a closer look at a house after it caught fire one month ago. the jennings family was living in their home in iowa city for just three weeks before a lightning bolt struck...and nearly destroyed the inside of their home.. almost every room was gutted... with walls torn out... and carpet pulled up. family and friends came together to help the family. actually came up with the idea of making an amazon wish list, because a lot of people are sometimes hesitant to do anything beeause it invvlves, you know, money, as far as giving money to other people." the family is living in a hotel for the time being and is trying to remain positive until they can move back after the new year. multiple crews were on hand to battle a barn fire. the fire happened just off of i-380 near gilbertville and jesup yesterday. the gilbertville fire chief told
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and spread to an r-v. both the barn and r-v were destroyed. the fire is still under investigation. an iowa mother is okay after rescuing two of her sons from a house fire. it happened this week in des moines. she ran two doors down to p pk up her daughter. when she got back home...five minutes later...she heard the smoke alarm blaring. and that's when she rescued her sons. "went to the bed that they just started screaming his name again because i didn't hear anything and he said hereand that's when i found him." everyone made it out okay b the family lost everything they own. they did not have insurance. the iowa board of regents continues its meeting today -- but it's a discussion oint nnt on the the aanda that's getting attention... yelling protesters interrupting them
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regents resign. this is some of the fallout over the board's decision to hire eastern iowa students take a field trip -- out of this world.. more than 150 high school and middle school students toured he doerfer wheelift headquarters in waterloo, which is having a big impact, on space. crews there make the transporters that help carry rockets to the launch pad. students also met an astronaut from iowa. astro: during the 69 moon landinggmy father showwd me the big science fiction fan and science. i have 2 engineering and when i finally got qualified to do it i applied and got lucky.." wheelift has been manufacturing the transporters for nasa since 2012. what are you goog to be for halloween? it's a question a very creative dad has to ask his 2 sons months in`
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advance. that's because he transforms the boys wheelchairs into elaborate if halloween had elves they'd be brothers in law daniel saunders and ryan weimer - by october 31st th foam will be fashioned into indominus rex from jurassic park and a spacecraft from stuff" 10 year old keaton weimer and his 3 year old brother bryce - ryan's sons - are the motivation andinspiration for the halloween magic... "it turns their life around for one day" "instead of being a kid in a wheelchair theyyre superstarss "they look forward to halloween it all started with this pirate ship in back 2008... keaton was 3. "i was like this is amazing i want this experienne for other families" ryan learned how to build taking courses online - through the
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stan winston school of character arts "terminator to alien versus prereator they've done the reall special effects" ryan got dome advice from stan winston designers as he created toothless for keaton last halloween while jayce was gronkle from how to trainina dragon. "there was dragons and instead of killing them they made friends with the dragons" "when keton wears it in the front yard people stop and lookk at it and they're like whoa that is so cool" ryan and his wife lana have already lost 2 children to the form of muscular dystrophy which has keaton and bryce inheelchairs - "i'm not smart enough to come up with a cure but this is last year he created e non profit magic wheelchair "just the other day a new york city fire station contacted us and said hey we as a
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wheelchair so this year 8 other kids across the ccuntry will jojon bryce and keaton trick or treating "giant chocolate bars" in a one of a kind costume. right now magic wheelchair has more than a hudred requests from kids - each submits a short video of how they want to transfofom thee chair and why. it's coming up on today in iowa.... it's an event fit for a king -- and a first lady. we'll tell you what brought this pair together. plus... we'll tell you how you can save money on your auto and homeowner's insurance.
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storm track 7 live doppler radar, but we do remain dry today. better chance for rain tomorrow. details next. mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide.
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from the kwwl storortrack 7 weather ttm. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel in for eileen loan. threat tracker is showing dry conditions for today with partly to mostly cloudy
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skies. there could be a couple sprinkles especially south of highway 30. we'll show you that in just a moment. a better chancc for rain tracks into the area as we head into friday, mainly in the afternoon and evving. this isseneficial infall as we have had the dry conditions. the rain continue into late friday evening before we dry out just in time for tte weekend. of course we did see a little rain yesterday, but not everyone saw it. while it wasn't a lot, it was needed. here are the totals so far in october, and how far they are from where we are supposed to be. more rain on the
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way for friday. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. it is showing some rain south of highway 30, however this is very light activity. sprinkles at best. there is dry air in place, so much of this isn't even reaching the ground, but don't be surprisedt& if you see a few sprinkls early this morning. here's the satellite and radar, showing the mostly cloudy skies and that will be the trend throughout the day with a mimi of sun and cllds. here's a wider view. we are keeping an eye on what's going on in the southwest. we
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have a storm system developing that will track to the north, and eventually to the east, and will be affecting iowa throughout the day on friday. in the mean time, we are quiet with a weak area high pressure overhead. the weather trackers are calling in with above average temperatures once again this morning. although we aren't as mild as what we were this time yesterday morning. here are the
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across all of the kwwl viewing pretty quiet conditions across the afternoon, but no rain expected. as we go throughout showers s nd a few thunddrstorms sosothat is someththng to keep an mainly after midnight. showers and isolated storms. the it's coming up on today in iowa.... the youngest members of a zoo are drawing in crowds, everyone wants to see their cute faces. plus... do you enjoy watching videos on youtube but are sick of the ads? there's a new subscription service that can make that
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free subscription service. it's called youtube red... and will launch next wednesday, ococober 28th....for $9.99 a month. the service will allow subscribers to save videos to watch offline, to play videos in the background of their phone or tablet, and will include exclusive access t new, original shows and movies from some of youtube''biggest creatoo. bundling your auto and homeowner's insurance could save you a lot of money. a new study says you can save an and homeowner's insurance from the same company. since everyone's sstuation is unique, you're encouraged to get bundled quotes and separate quotes... to make sure you're getting a good deal. the first ladyand the king... lebron james helps to put the splight on education. the ama's "reach igher" initiative was held in akron, ohio wednesday. thousands of students and parents from the lebron james family foundation's wheels for education were in atendance. earlier this year, the lebron james
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family foundation and the university of akron announced aacommitment to pay for a college education for thousands of the program's current and future students. nothing like newborn animals to brii crowds intooa zoo. check out the baby wooly monkeys at a brazil zoo. brown woolly monkeys are classified as a vulnerable species. they're native to the jungles of brazil, southern colombia, northern peru and ecuador. it's coming up on today in iowa.... this pair of super fans will have no excuse to forget their wedding anniversary. how one couple tied the knot on a very special and memorable day
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celebrated their love of "back to the future." the couple got arried at 4:29 yesterday afternoon. that's the minute that doc and marty arriveeat in the ovie. they even rrnted a delorean for pictures. mark says he was a huge "back to "i'm bsolutely floored right now. i cat even describe how attendance here today." his bride spent the last year
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half planning the wedding. they actually didn't secure the delorean until a week ago because almost all of them were being used for celebrations across the country. storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel is back with another check of your storm track
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in iowa." now on today in ia: a big moment today for hillary clinton. she's testifying on capitol hill -- it's part of an investigation that started 17 months ago. plus it starts with a man burning leaves and ends with two firefighters s eing held hhtage. tense moments in a very strange case. and the dream of a world series will have to wait another year for cubs fans. the mets sweep through chicago -- and keep their dream season alive. goododmorning, i'm ally crutcherr and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel is here now with your storm rack seven forecast..
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good morning and happy thursday. we are starting the day off with mostly cloudy skies. there are even a few sprinkles showing up on storm track 7 live dodopler radar, however,r,a lot of this is not reaching the ground as we do have some dry air overhead after the front moved through and high pressure is building in behind it. a regional view shows activity out in parts of nebraska. that is where the rain suld stay currently in the 40s and 50s. have some qqiet conditions as tracc7 forecast forortoday.
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we begin with a developing story overnight: a police officer shot during a traffic stop. it happened last night in albuquerque, new mexico. kwwl's amanda gilbert has been following this story very closely as new details come out this morning. amanda, what can you tell us? this is the very latest. a suspect is behind bars -- and e officer is s n the hospititl -- - fter being shot multiple times. the officer is now fighting for his life. police say he was shot in the head and neck -- but there's still a lot we don't know about what happened. "it appears at is time thatt the officer had engaged in a traffic stop. there was an altercation and the officer was shot multiple times." no names have been released, but we do know the officer is an eight-
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year veteran. he's been through several surgeries already this morning. our thoughts are with that officer and his family right now. we've got you covered... amanda gilbert... kwwl news. the officer was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting. that has now been sent to a lab to be analyzed. also new ovenight: an rest is made after two firefighters are held hostage. this happened in ohio. several firefighters were sent to battle a brush fire in the woods behind a home -- west of leveland. the man who lives there was tryinggo burn leavee. when n irefighters told him to stop, they say he pulled out a rifle and took two of them hostage. they were held for two hours. it all ended peacefully. the man was taken into custody. the sheriff's office says he kepptelling them -- he wasn't going to hurt anyone. he then told them he wanted a beer and his psychiatric medication. a man with a lengthy criminal record is being held without bail -- after allegedly murdering a new yoyo city police fficer. the suspect is accused of stealing a bike before shooting the officer
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in the head tuesday night. the officer was 33 years old. in eastern iowa: we've learned the name of the man killed by police in a shootout. we first broughttyou this storor yessrday on today in iowa. police say jonathan gossman fired at officers when they were chasing him in cedar rapids. they say he ran off after a traffic stop tuesday night. "it sounded like fireworks but like. it was like 5 or 6 right a row, there was no inbetween." gossman was 21. u-n-i campus police investigate a sexual assault in a dorm. an alert from the school says it happened early monday morning. the school isn't releasing much more than tharight now, so we don't know if the suspect is a student. on wednesday, a few groups on cammus came togethhr to raise awareness of sexual assault and violence. this was an event they had "its really sad to hear tthat would happen so close to home, just minutes from where i live off campus, and it's sad to hear that it happens in general" another eeent will happen today,
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members of a fraternity will meet with high school students to talk about helping victims of sexual assault, and how to prevent it from happening. a waterloo murder trial is now underway. roderick ward junior faces first degree murder in the death of gary wilson. police say ward shot wilson with a shotgun several times outside of ward's home in august of last year after an argument. the jury reaches a verdict in the case of the man who went on a shooting spree last year in iowa... "we the jury in the above and murder to mark mitchell." pete polson has been convicted of attempted murder. prosecutors say he drove through pleasant hill -- just outside of des moines -- shooting randomly at people. two people were hurt. polson argued e was on drugs and does not remember what happened. he could spend up to prison. today, the stakes are high for hillary clinton. she goes before the ouse committee investigating the years ago. acie potts haha a preview.
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"tomorrow will be nothing but a fiasco." democrats call it a partisan witch hunt. republicans say ts could be the best chance to find out why four americans dii in benghazi.. "(are you looking forward to the house benghazi hearing?) i am." besides grilling clinton on her own emails... still being released... lawmakers are expected to unveil new information today: eiiht thoususnd pages of f mail from ambassdor chris stevens. "so where does the fault lie for the timing of this? it lies with the state department who only 36 hours ago has released some of ambassador stevenn' emails." stevens a aked for more ecurity before he was killed. he didn't get it. clinton's team says those requests never reached her desk. "i expect that secrrary clintonn will p psh back on the half-truths and the outright fabrication of these crazy conspiracy theories." the commiiee wants to know why
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stevens requests were denied? were there warning signs? and - given the risk - why were we there in the first place? toy clinton's expected to push for more secururty training... and momoe diplomacy in risky areas. "republicans can play political games, but hillary clinton will always stand strong." the super-pac backing clinton's campaign is running this ad todayayin d-c and four early voting states. our nbc-wall street journal poll answers about benghazi. just over a third think the committee's been unfair and too partisan. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. this could be an all-day affair. we're expecting eight hours of testimony. decision 20-16 coverage. this morning begins with less speculation around the race for the white house. that comes after the vice president says hewon't run. he made te announcement at the white house wwh his wife
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and t te president by his side. "but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. a party and where we need to go as a nation." this could poentially open the door for hillary clinton -- as many of his suppooers say they will now move to her camp. the republican frontrunner is in iowa -- and says he's pleased burlington. and i think he did the smart nomination, i don't think he would probably win. and frrnkly, i really want to run against hillary, i really do. a handful of polls have mixed results when they show a potential matchup between trump and clinton. some have trump ahead. others show clinton in front. c-n-b-c is set to host the third republican presidential debate next wednesday.
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and holding the capacity of what it's built to hold... that's sheriff paul fitzgerald from story county. he's part of a group in washington to call on lawmakers to come up with ways to help them free up space in prisons and ils. they say tting too maay peoppe behind bars does not keep the public safe. they want congress to reduce the number of criminal laws - this morning, we're getting a look athe new home for the decorah eagles. it's beenna tough few months at the raptor resource center. but now, some good news to it's been a busy fall for the decorah eagles--working hard to build up their nest. activities, that includes net building, so that means they're bringing sticks and branches up different--howe an his team built halflfthe nest, hoping the eagles would adopt it after a storm blew their old one down.. howe says it was a gamble, but one that has paid off.
5:37 am
and satisfaction, it's actually come true now." "the eagles showed up in early october, and since then have spent more and more time in this nest, making it their own, neat to see how much people are enjoying the eagles already, just is early in the ssason." howe believes this is the first time a project like this has been undertaken--and successful. he says it's even more special because of the history behind this idea. "it's neat to think about, because it was one of the last things we were talking to bob anderson, our former director, before he died.. he was very excited about that. so really we've put something together that we would've done with him and now we've seen this great success." that was brad hanson reporting.
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eagle cam m ear decorah. he new director says they should finish work on that second camera on a different nest sometime in the next month. for cubs fans this morning... a familiar theme: wait till next year. the mets finished off chicago last night with a four- game sweep to move on to the world series for the first time since 2000. the cubs had a fantastic season -- getting back into the playoffs for the first time in seven years. they also knocked out the pirates and cardinals along the way, but new york's pitching and timely hitting was just too much. turns out "back to the future part two" was wrong after all. and this man is a big reason why. daniel murphy has been a one-man wrecking crew for the mets.
5:39 am
so who's up next forrthe mets? we still don't know the answer. the blue jays stayed alive in their series with the royals yesterday --- knocking off kansas city seven to one. the royals are still one win away from getting back to the worr series. game six is fridaa night in kansas city. we still have a lot to get to this morning: including a company taking heat for its air bags. we could learn more today about the damage they've done. plus the power of pizza. customers come up with a plan to protectcttheir favoriie restaurant -- after it's been just a few sprinkles on the storm track 7 live doppler radar, but we do remain dry today. better "yoo're watching kwwl, we've got you ccvered! with "now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather
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weather innrmation. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel in for eileen loan. threat tracker is showing dry
5:41 am
today with partly to mostly cloudy skies. there could be a couple sprinkles especially south of highway 30. we'll show you that in just a moment. a better chance for rain tracks into the area as we head into friday, mainly in the afternoon and evening. this is beneficial rainfalll as we have had the dry conditions. the rain continue into late friday evening before we dry out just in time for the weekend. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. it is showing some rain south of highway 30, however this is very light activity. sprinkles at best.
5:42 am
there is dry air in place, so much of this isn't even reaching the ground, but don't be surprised if you see a few sprinkles early this morning. here's the satellite and radar, showing the mostly cloudy skies and that will be the trend throughout the day with a mix of sun and clouds.
5:43 am
a wider view. we are keeping an eye on what's going on in the southwest. we have a storm system developing that will track to the north, and eventually to the east, and a weak area of high pressure overhead. the weather trackers as mild as what we were this time esterday mornng. here are the current temperatures area. storm track seven live weather network shows some pretty quiet conditions across the area. and that is the way we stay throughout the day. along with the clouds throughout few showerer. more widesppead afternoon and evening. this is eye on. of course we did see a here are the totals so far in october, and how far they are from where we are supposed to be. more rain just slightly above normal with highs in the 60s.. tonight we will see lows in the midnight. storm track 7 day forecast shows
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she e ves to make pizza, but thieves are stealing her thunder. that is -- until the community cooks up a plan to stop the crooks. plus -- a soft drink giant celebrates the future... but is being alled out by ffns for getting too far ahead of itself. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in st. lucas, mcgregor, lisbon and all of
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs.
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under the spotlight later today -- the safety of air bags. and it's one company being scrutinized. the national transportation safety board is holding a public meeting today about air bag inflators made by the takata corporation. more than 20 million inflators used in u.s. made vehicles have been recalled. that happened after we learned the faulty inflators caused the air bags to iilate with tooo much fooce... sending metal shards right into the faces of drivers and passengers. a popular pizza restaurant is robbed five times this year -- so the community steps up to deliver a solution. the owner of mama's pipiza in washington couldn't afford her own security system. that changed this week -- after thousands of dollars were donated through a go-fund-me page. that'll cover the cost of brand new security equipment -- she knoos your voice, your name, your faa and she remembers your children, your and when we call her mama, we really mean it. the owner says she feels more secure, but more than anything...
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pepsi releases a special bottle to celebrate "back to the future" day... and it sells out faster than a time- shifting delorean! that made some fans upset. 'pepsiiperfect' wassfeatured in the film "back to the future part two," -- the movie that sent marty mcfly and doc brown to october 21-st, 2015. pepsi released just 65-hundred bottles -- and some of those were sold on tuesday -- october 20thth fans ere not happp-- saying the company did not stay true to the script. . late last night, pepsi said taking a step back innime now. the setup issnderway for r new exhibit about the battle of waterloo. the exhibit has eight-thousand miniatures -- all hand painted. the artist says he came up with the idea when thinking of ways to better explain historic "the neat thing bout doing aa display of miniatures is it three-dimentionally lays out a battle and so the visitor can museum -- is open to the public from
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november 10th to march 12th. it's you're watching today in iowa on k- w-w-l. a city in ohio -- the size of nort [ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. u look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at sosoyou can't use it to just buy stuff? no.
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after the attack in beghazi, hillary clinton heads to capitol hill today
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to answer questions from
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